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About Us: is the nonprofit division of Sparkfactor Design. In keeping with our Maker roots, our programs center around technological and philanthropic innovation and STEM Education for underprivileged communities.

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The Bay Area Discovery Museum's Fab Lab opened on May 14; it offers children an opportunity to learn about Maker tools like 3D printers and laser cutters.
General Motors Grants $250k to Girls Who Code

General Motors has just announced a partnership with Girls Who Code to encourage young women to pursue degrees and careers in STEM subjects. GM will be offering a $250,000 to help fund after school STEM programs in schools, colleges, and community centers. Mary Barra, General Motors CEO, is intent on inspiring and increasing female leaders of the future. She believes that becoming an engineer paved the way for her career, which is why she is so passionate about promoting STEM education for youth around ...

Teacher’s Award Emphasizes Importance of STEM Education

Nikki Grabill, a third grade teacher in North Carolina, has just won the WITN Teacher of the Week award! Grabill’s nominator described her as “an inspiration to all of her students and coworkers with her kind mannerisms and true love for her students.” With her goals to foster the love of learning and build confidence Grabill has started countless projects geared towards improving her student’s critical thinking and problem-solving abilities with hands-on activities.

One of her projects, the Oakwood Oases, was started by ...

Big Data Is Accelerating the Rate of Philanthropic Change

Daniel Fleissig

Despite the enormous quantity of data that exists in today’s world there are huge gaps in access and visibility information on underdeveloped and impoverished countries. It is becoming extremely vital for public institutions to have a comprehensive understanding of the entire population to be able to provide constructive solutions. Without data and pertinent information it is difficult to solve the current global challenges that plague the world. This issue has breathed life into the new, innovative data philanthropy movement where private companies can donate ... Presents - The Homelight Project!

Daniel Fleissig, Kelvin Leung is excited to announce their latest in-house project! Codenamed “Homelight,” the project’s mission is to develop an efficient solar-powered light and power bank that would be ideal for outdoor adventures, "off-grid" activities, emergency situations, and daily use. It functions as a flashlight, lantern, SOS emergency beacon, and portable charger that can provide a full charge for all kinds of smartphones and devices. Homelight is different from most solar lights and power banks because it uses an ultra-efficient solar cell and circuitry that ...