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Be a Friend for Youth

December 02, 2015
By Daniel Fleissig

Friends for Youth is a great organization in our hometown of Palo Alto which offers mentoring for young people.

A former Jr. Friend named Jackie tells her story:

I was matched with my Sr. Friend when I was 13. I wasn’t sure what a mentor would do for me, but I went along with it. In our first year Robbi and I built our friendship by having fun together. We took trips to a lighthouse, the zoo, and Muir Woods, went to summer festivals, watched movies, and went to see The Nutcracker. When I got into high school, I was having a hard time and I considered dropping out. But Robbi helped me through the tough spots and my senior year I was the class Vice President. I graduated from M-A in 2001.

FFY is currently running its Winter Mentor Drive, so if you're in the Bay Area and want to help youth in need, there's no time like the present.