We're giving the future to the present. Creates Coders, Not Just Code

March 08, 2016
By Daniel Fleissig

There has been a proliferation of online programs aimed at teaching n00bz how to code in recent years. Codecademy and Code School are two examples, and we heartily recommend them to anyone interested in learning how to begin bossing computers around.

A new site called has recently come to our attention, however, and their model of collaborative learning strikes us a great balance of teaching comp-sci fundamentals and introducing the workflows and processes which are part and parcel with modern software development. While most other sites are focused mainly on introducing the basic concepts of programming, Exercism also encourages its users to familiarize themselves with the concepts of committing code to a repository, receiving feedback from peers, and refactoring their code for optimal output and performance.

The workflow part of the equation is inextricably linked with the act of writing code in 2016, and it's great to see an educational approach which mirrors the real day-to-day of programming so effectively.