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Junior Academy Global STEM Challenge Recognizes Teen Inventors

August 12, 2016
By Daniel Fleissig

A group of teens recently convened in New York to present their inventions to the New York Academy of Sciences as finalists in the Junior Academy Global STEM Challenge. Jessica Leber of Fast Company has the full story:

The Junior Academy was a launched a few years ago as part of the Global STEM Alliance, a collaboration between the New York Academy of Sciences and 100 government, schools, nonprofit, and corporate partners around the world. The plan is to expand the platform and allow many more to participate in future global challenges aimed at promoting excitement in science, technology, and engineering. But perhaps the most valuable opportunity they get is to work with kids around the world on projects that matter.

It's great to see kids being recognized for the hard work and great ideas, and we'd like to congratulate everyone involved. There are some seriously interesting things being proposed by these kids, and we're hoping they'll find some awesome ways to bring their inventions to market.