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Hacker Dojo

About the Organization

Hacker Dojo is a tech hub in Mountain View, CA that is one part working space, one part events venue, and one part maker space. It is the perfect place to launch a software startup or to build a robot. The organization offers both personal desk space (The Hive) and shared desk space for Hacker Dojo members.

STEM Education
As a landing pad for a variety of tech professionals in the Bay Area, Hacker Dojo provides a melting pot for all of these individuals to meet and learn from each other.
By working in such close collaboration, different groups can work together to solve problems across disciplines and professional fields.

Sparkfactor Awardee: Laser Cutter Grant

Hacker Dojo's Maker Space Initiative aims to make available the tools needed for their community to fabricate physical objects. Hacker Dojo also would like to expand the size of their maker space.

With the help of, Hacker Dojo has purchased a Thunder Laser Mars laser cutter, to replace a loaned machine which was returned last year. With this machine, members will be able to continue projects that had been put on hold.

Here is a short list of projects which have been created at Hacker Dojo’s maker space: