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Science Buddies

About the Organization

Science Buddies is a non-profit STEM education organization with a mission to help students from all walks of life build literacy in science and technology. Science Buddies provides resources for hands-on science inquiry to 17 million students, parents, and teachers a year.

STEM Education
With a range of information from science projects to class selection advice available, Science Buddies gives young learners a variety of highly accessible and applicable tools.
Science Buddies impact is built on the fundamental building blocks of universal accessibility, the thrill of scientific discovery, skill-building that lasts a lifetime, and practical career development.

Sparkfactor Awardees:

Raspberry Pi Projects Kit

Science Buddies recently lauded a new Raspberry Pi Projects Kit, which is now being used by thousands of students around the country. The kit blends computer science, electronics and art in a series of engaging projects that kids love, from making an Invader Alert to turning a computer keyboard into a light-up piano.

“Best Practices” Document

Because the kit has tremendous potential for use in after school programs, we recently partnered with 2 organizations to test it with over 250 after school students, and to create a “best practices” document for its use. With support from, Science Buddies will share these best practices and tips with out-of-school time educators nationwide, vastly increasing the number of novice programmers who will have the opportunity to use the kit.