We're giving the future to the present. Presents - The Homelight Project!

March 08, 2017
By Daniel Fleissig, Kelvin Leung is excited to announce their latest in-house project! Codenamed “Homelight,” the project’s mission is to develop an efficient solar-powered light and power bank that would be ideal for outdoor adventures, "off-grid" activities, emergency situations, and daily use. It functions as a flashlight, lantern, SOS emergency beacon, and portable charger that can provide a full charge for all kinds of smartphones and devices. Homelight is different from most solar lights and power banks because it uses an ultra-efficient solar cell and circuitry that harvests energy to provide best-in-class solar charging.

There are over one billion people in the world living without reliable and clean electricity access. Many people in impoverished communities are forced to rely on kerosene lamps which are extremely dangerous, expensive, and inefficient. With the growing reliance on smartphones, it is also difficult for people without access to power to utilize their smartphones as they must spend an inordinate amount of time and money to charge their phones.

Each Homelight purchase will help support people who do not have access to clean dependable energy by improving their quality of life through various initiatives. Whether you are traveling abroad without access to a charging device, backpacking through the wilderness, or just looking to support those who live without a reliable power source, Homelight provides an ideal solution for everyone. We would love for any non-profit or other organizations to reach out (through our contact page) to us if they would like to learn more about or be involved in this project!