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Our Visit to a Cuban Tobacco Farm

In the tobacco drying hut, we see and smell the various grades of tobacco leaves.

Note: this one in a series of posts about our trip to Cuba; please see our other posts about the trip.

On our first day on the island, we visited a tobacco farm. While there, we heard about the many challenges that tobacco farmers in today's Cuba must face. Growing tobacco is, in and of itself, a meticulous process which requires precise care and multiple steps between harvesting the ...

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For those who don’t know, is going to Cuba!

Our Miami based partner Roots of Hope is hosting us on this trip, and we have some great things planned for our time there.

Through their program StartUp Cuba, Roots of Hope runs workshops on small business development for Cuban youth in both Cuba and the United States. Due to Cuba’s current business climate, it can be challenging for a private citizen to start a business. StartUp Cuba's business seminars youth ...

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Car Culture and Everyday Engineering in Cuba

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Kristina Panos of Hackaday underlines the extent to which engineering smarts have woven their way into Cubano culture as a result of the long economic separation from the rest of the Western world:

The spirit of hacking takes many forms. We cobble things together to make our lives easier, to prove that a drawing-board theory will work, or just to have fun and explore. For the people of Cuba, hacking is a necessity. This is especially true when it comes to ...

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