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Tinkering Their Way to the Top

December 20, 2016
By Daniel Fleissig

The Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota is a STEM-oriented arts center whose mission is to encourage children to embrace their creative sides through hands-on, fun activities. The museum’s ‘makers space’ gives children the space they need to build, design, and construct using real-life equipment and tools. Through these activities and support from staff and volunteers kids are able to develop a STEM foundation early on while associating subjects like science and math with play and fun. Xcel Energy, a major U.S. electricity and natural gas company, awarded the museum with a $5000 grant to support STEM learning and to assist the museum with its new site.

As a part of their new program, the grant funds will be utilized to host STEM Saturday activities for children as well as funding new materials to help engage young creators and investigators in the ‘makers space.’ Business and education leaders understand the importance of providing kids with a fun and dynamic STEM learning base to promote future STEM careers and higher education. We fully support Xcel Energy and the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota’s mission. It is extremely important for kids to develop a passion for STEM so they can make an impact in our ever-increasing technological society.