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Why Play Fruit Ninja When You Can Create Your Own Game?

December 06, 2016
By Daniel Fleissig

Nowadays, more and more kids are adopting the aforementioned idea. Learning to be innovative and creative with technology is extremely important today. For so many children living in underprivileged areas, it can be difficult to gain the skills needed to succeed in technological fields. That is why camps such as Brainiacs Robotics are so crucial. Brianiacs Robotics’ mission is to teach STEM programs to children in Nigeria during summer break. This camp allows for children to learn unique curriculum that is not normally taught in their classrooms during the school year.

After an introduction to safety and to the importance of STEM education, children get to put their imaginations to work by using and creating objects through 3D printing and modeling. Children also get the chance to learn about the basics of coding and app development through things such as Scratch, Kodu, and Turtle Art. Regardless of age, campers are able to work on robotics projects; the younger kids participate in projects geared towards making basic science come to life, while older campers get to program robots to climb stairs or to do push-ups! Furthermore, campers receive an education in useful skills like troubleshooting and faultfinding by building circuit cruisers, security systems, and even an automated traffic light.

By the end of summer, campers understand why STEM education is so important and have gained skills to help themselves and their country transition into a more knowledge-based economy. There are only Brainaics Robotics camps in three Nigirian states, but they are looking to expand into at least three more states by next year. We think camps like these are awesome and are excited to see what these campers will bring to the world in the years to come!